Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 5/24/21

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1. I’m Coming to England (Manchester & London: Fall 2021)

👉 Manchester Info & Registration HERE (Early Bird Rate) 👈

I have confirmed that I’ll be coming to England this September to do not one, but TWO separate workshops.

  • I’ll be doing my 1-day Coaching Competency Workshop at Gudlift Gym in Manchester on Sunday, 9/12 – click HERE for itinerary and to register.
  • The following weekend (9/18) I will be in London alongside Luke Worthington to put on our 2-day Strategic Strength Workshop (host location is still being figured out)

It feels extraordinary to finally be putting events INTO my calendar rather than taking them off.

I hope to see you there!

SIDE NOTE: I’ve tossed Charleston, SC out there, as well as Philadelphia, PA (the latter would likely be a Strong Body Strong Mind Workshop with my wife, Dr. Lisa Lewis).

I’m hoping I can pull them off, but am also open to other options as well – Milwaukee, Memphis, Mordor, whatever.

If you’re interested in possibly hosting me for a day or two (or know of a gym who’d be a good fit), please reach out and let’s chat.





3 Ways to Spot a Low Quality Study – Steve Kamper

You see it allllll the time on social media: People tossing out “studies” left and right to defend their position on a bevy of topics.

To their credit: citing a study is better than citing a Netflix documentary.

Suffice to say, not all studies are created equal.

Why Can’t I Build Muscle? – Christian Thibaudeau

More often than not the answer to this question is:

  • You’re not training nearly hard (or frequently) enough.
  • A squirrel eats more food than you.

However, there are instances where someone can be a true “non-responder.” Christian delves a little deeper into the topic in this article.

Does Squatting Hurt or Help Your Knees? – Tim DiFrancesco

I dig pretty anything Tim writes or pontificates on.

He’s the shit.

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