Plant-based workouts in the Time of Corona, May 23rd – Vegan Muscle and Fitness

Back again! If you’ve followed along with this post series, then hopefully you got to try the glute medius exercises I shared and are well on your way to healthier hips, knees and ankles! If not, there’s still time! Today I’m sharing another short home workout video – this time targeting your obliques as well as various other muscle groups with…… drum roll please…… Side planks!

Side planks are an incredibly important and underutilized core exercise, because they work your frontal plane (the sides of your body rather than the front or back) and they are about resisting movement rather than initiating it. That may sound like a strange distinction, but the core’s #1 job overall is to resist moving while the limbs all do their thing. That’s why side planks are so helpful, and why they are one of the lower back expert Dr Stuart McGill’s Big 3 Exercises. So without further ado, side planks!



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