Beautycounter makeup review + tutorial

This makeup tutorial shows how to get a natural, polished work without spending a ton of time! I use almost all Beautycounter makeup and shared what products I use love and the one I don’t. 

For years, I tried dozens of different brands and products (spending hundreds of dollars in the process), but never had a makeup routine I liked. So, then I spent more money trying yet another product. All I wanted was to look natural and put together without being overdone. And it had to be easy.

All of those boxes are finally checked and it’s so nice to not waste money trying tons of different brands, hoping to find something I like. Now I just reorder when I run out of product since I seriously love everything I use now, and it’s almost all from Beautycounter. (I still don’t use their mascara and still brand hop with that product since I’m always on the hunt for the BEST mascara!! 😉 )

And since I’m pregnant, I appreciate that all of the makeup I now use has been tested for safety. (Did you know that many leading brands of makeup contain scary levels of lead??) I’m even using all Beautycounter for my skincare routine while pregnant because of the company’s commitment to safety.

So, back to my makeup routine! Just how easy is it? It takes under 10 minutes and probably closer to 5 if you’re not talking in a video like I did. There’s a short video below with my natural makeup tutorial, showing the exact products I use.


My natural makeup tutorial using Beautycounter makeup

I first got hooked on Beautycounter makeup after trying their Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer. I’d never heard of the brand, but after learning more about it and how it’s different from other beauty brands, I started trying more of their products. I quickly got hooked on nearly everything.

Since I first started using Beautycounter makeup, they’ve added a lot more options; they didn’t have much four years ago! Now they have eye shadow, powder blushes, highlighters, lipstick, liquid liner and brow gels. So, if you want to go beyond the basics, they definitely have options for it! (I’m a bit of a lipstick junkie now… you can see all the options they have and my favorite shades here.)

I honestly didn’t know much about makeup before diving into Beautycounter. I grew up with five brothers and my mom didn’t wear much makeup, so it wasn’t until my early 30s that I really started to learn some of the basics. So, if you feel clueless about makeup, you aren’t alone!! I hope these tutorials help you feel more confident in applying makeup to highlight your natural beauty.

My top three tips for a natural makeup look are:

  • Start with a very small amount of product and only add more if needed
  • Have a solid skincare routine (if your skin is breaking out or not properly hydrated, your makeup won’t go on easily – here’s my routine)

beautycounter makeup review


If you want a more in-depth makeup tutorial (where I invited a makeup artist to help teach and share some tips), sign up to get that emailed to you here!

If you like a quicker tutorial, watch the below video! (It shows the foundation brush!)

Makeup used (listed in order shown)


My Brushes & Sponges


  • If you’re looking to overhaul your makeup, the this set has everything listed above EXCEPT the bronzer and my mascara. It does come with a mascara, just not the one I use. You also have to choose between the Dew Skin or Skin Twin. (You could always add on the other a la carte.)
  • I don’t use the mascara that comes in Flawless in Five most days, but instead use Thrive Mascara. I prefer a bold lash look vs. the more natural finish of Beautycounter’s mascara which is why those are in my daily makeup bag!

Make sure to check out this post on Beautycounter promo codes and how to save money on your orders.

Happy makeup-ing! 🙂



I <3 Beautycounter

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